852 Tangram是一家位於加拿大、植根於香港的設計團隊,提供全面的營銷解決方案。我們是一支專業團隊,專攻品牌管理、媒體營銷、設計、動畫、攝影和影片製作、文案撰寫以及(AR)等領域。我們的使命是為您敘述故事、培育品牌,並通過創新解決方案推動業務。我們對乏味的市場營銷感到厭倦,立志提供突破性解決方案,以拓展您的業務、吸引新客戶,並培養持久的客戶忠誠度。

852 是香港的區域號碼,代表我們是來自香港的團隊。Tangram ,不同形狀的七巧板代表我們不同的專業領域,我們的團隊像不同形狀的七巧板,走在一起,能拼湊成所有可能性。

852 Tangram is a Design Squad based in Canada with Hong Kong roots, delivering comprehensive marketing solutions. We are a team specializing in brand management, media marketing, design, animation, photography & videography productions, copywriting, and augmented reality (AR). Our mission is to narrate your story, grow your brand, and drive your business with innovative solutions. We are tired of boring marketing and aim to deliver breakthrough solutions to expand your business, acquire new customers, and cultivate lasting customer loyalty.
852 is the regional code for Hong Kong, representing that we are a team from Hong Kong. Tangram, a puzzle with various shapes, symbolizes our diverse expertise. Our team, like the different pieces of a Tangram, comes together to create endless possibilities.