Assembly Market

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Assembly Market 2023

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OCT 7 - 8, 2023

Join us for an exhilarating celebration of Hong Kong's vibrant culture at the Markham Museum!

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Not to mention

Discover Unique Culture & Creations

A festival introducing the history and culture of Hong Kong through food, music, and art. Highlight the unique identity and showcase its rich cultural heritage. Visitors can taste traditional Hong Kong cuisine, listen to local musicians, and admire art displays that reflect Markham's diverse cultural landscape.


And let's not forget

Photography Exhibition by Franklin Lau


Assembly Market is a community-driven platform that promotes and supports local small businesses. Our team is passionate about connecting people with unique and authentic experiences through festivals that showcase the diverse talents of small business owners. We believe that small businesses are the backbone of any community, and we strive to create opportunities for them to thrive.

Join the Assembly of local businesses and celebrate community

Building an economic circle for Hongkongers promotes local economic growth, enhances employment opportunities, and fosters regional integration in our community.

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